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Letter to the Author By Abby Freymuth

Dear Margaret Peterson,My name is Abby Freymuth. I go to Lincoln Trail Elementary. I am in fifth grade and my teacher’s name is Mrs. Roberts. I really, really, really loved Sabotaged the third book. I really, really, really love Sabotaged the third book. I really enjoyed the mystery behind Second! I also enjoyed how Andrea was always persevering where ever she went. I also liked how Katherine who is always trying to take the safe way out. Jonah was cool because he was always watching out for his sister and especially Andrea. I felt that it would get really exciting and then it would slow down and almost lose my attention but I kept on reading! When will you Wright another book? I would like to know this because it was a giant cliff hanger! Why did you choose Andrea to be Virginia Dare? I would recommend this book to my friends because it kept my interest for most of the time and because I loved how there was one mystery after another after another. I would also recommend it because of the unique story line! I really loved your third book in the series.Sincerely Abby Freymuth



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