Sabbath Day

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Sabbath Day



The Bread and the wine

- Jewish faith and pratice p18 (Book)-

Dinner on the Sabbath

Facts about the Sabbath DayOn the Sabbath Day, Jews are forbidden to work. Another word for Sabbath is Shabbat. Shabbat is a Hebrew word for Sabbath and means to rest, which is a day of rest. This means the Jews can't go shopping to get food or anything that is considered as work on this day. So they would have to do the shopping before the Sabbath started. The reason why they do this day is because it is part of their religion with their beliefs in God. The Sabbath was celebrated because when God made the world he did it in six days and then he rested on the seventh day. They also did the Sabbath day because they made an agreement that they would rest on the seventh day.The Sabbath day starts on Friday sunset and ends on Saturday sunset every week. So the Sabbath lasts for 25 hours. On the Sabbath night before dinner a prayer called Kiddush is prayed.

Sabbath Day

About the Video

This video tells you about the Sabbath Day. The Sabbath is important to be known because it is a day of rest and respecting God. In the video it shows you how the Sabbath

started and to keep it holy. It is said that the Sabbath marks two great events which are the completion of creation and the completion of redemption.

On Sabbath nigh the Rabbi (Priest) comes over to people's house. The bread that is called Challah and the wine that is blessed before drinking are used with the Sabbath dinner. The candles are also lit for the Sabbath night.


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