S1Y2 Data

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S1Y2 Data

Data Activities

Complete each activity below step-by-step

Step 1

Step 2

Collect data

Step 3

Display data

Step 4

Step 5

Interpret data

For fast finishers

Click here to watch a video about collecting data on Monsters' favourite foods!

Using your results from the step two tally table activity, display your data here, in a way that makes sense to you. Don't forget to save your work!

All together now

Click here to complete an online activity practicing how to use tally marks

Explore how data is displayed with these different graphs

As a class, let’s roll the dice and record how many times each number occurs.We will record using tally marks.

Make sure you understand the following words: data, survey, category, display, symbol, tally mark, table, column graph, picture graph, scale, equal spacing, title, key, vertical axis, horizontal axis and misleading.


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