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Stucking on a lost island after a crash plane, I hope someone will find this diary and save me and my friend, Friday. If not, it will be the last mark i leash to the world.Let me introduce myself: i'm Benjamin Fouet, brother of Clementine and son of Marc and Isabelle Fouet. I have blue eyes, wearing beard and long hair, to believe i was made to become a survivor...I'm a curious guy, a little bit lazy but kind.I enjoy reading novel and playing music, specially guitar. That miss me.If i had to descibe myself, i told you sometimes i'm melancholic, dreamer sometimes kind of joker.


This is Friday, my little companion. He's a sand cat i always take with me when i'm travelling.He's a loyal and tough friend but grumpy and lazy.I thought he could help me to hunt some food on this island but he stay at the camp, sleeping and lazing all along the day.At least, he keeps the camp...Sometime, starvation bring him to hunt, but no more than he needs...Despite this, i like him, he's the only distraction i have on this island and he brings me warm when night is coming.

About Friday

Cute but useless...

Grumpy when hungry

The island where i crashed is gorgeous : blue sea, great forest which provide a lot of food whose someone to know how hunting.Fortunately (mostly because i was scared by plane travel), i toke a survival guide in my bag which is very usefull in my case. I found an axe in the plane's wreckage and a polaroïd, intact. It allowed me to join some pictures with this diary and keep my mind occupied.Unfortunately, Friday and me are the only survivor...

First days was rough. But helped with my survival guide and the axe i found, I was able to build a humble camp. I'm glad i found an axe instead a knife: it's more practical to cut wood. It allowed me to build a roof and a primitive bed, kind of comfort. Like i said, there is a lot of food on this island : fish, fruit, even rabbit and savage pig. First tries was unsuccessful but when you're hungry, no choice, you have to retry until you succeed.

Now, we have our habits with Friday. Morning we take a bath in sea, then i fish or hunt. Afternoon, i take some rest or i craft some stuff to occupied my mind. I consider to build a raft and take my chance on sea, but i'm affraid to lost myself or head into a storm and drown. One day, i'll stand the courage to do it.In any case, please, if you find this diary, try to rescue us. My plane was the Oceanic 815. Thanks!

My hut. Not so bad, isn't it ?I have free time...

Hard times...


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