Separation of mixtures

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Separation of mixtures

To obtain colored component from Blue/Black inkFill half a beaker with water. Put few drops of ink on the watch glass and keep it on the mouth of the beaker. Start heating the beaker and do not stop heating the beaker until or unless you don't see any change in the watch glass. We find that ink is a mixture of dye in water.

Separation of mixtures

To separate cream from milkTake some full cream milk in a test tube. Spin it rapidly so that the skimmed milk comes up and the cream stays down. This process is called centrifugation. In this process, the denser particles are forced at the bottom and lighter particles stay at the top.

To separate a mixture of salt and ammonium chlorideKeep a mixture of ammonium chloride and salt in an inverted funnel. Heat the dish till dense white fumes start coming out of it and then close it with a cotton wool plug. After a few minutes open the plug and scrap the solidified ammonium chloride deposited on its inner sides. Go on heating the mixture till dense white fumes stop coming.. You have separated the mixture. This process is called sublimation. (watch the video below)

Most of the natural substances are not chemically pure. Some techniques can't be used in every separation because every substances varies from weight and solubility. We look into some of the special techniques which are used to separate components of a mixture.



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