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Ryan-Watergate glog

In the book “Watergate”,a break in took place in watergates sixth building on may 28,1972. The burglars wereG.Gordon Liddyformer agent of the FBI),E.Howard Hunt,(retired agent of the cia)James Mccord,Bernard Barker ,Virgitro Gonzalez,Eugenio Martinez, and Frank Sturgis (white house plumbers)were hired by CREEP to help Nixon win that year's presidential election.”The burglars had been hired by officials working for president Richard M. Nixon. They hoped the phone bugs and photos would provide information to ensure Nixon's victory in the 1972 presidential elections.” The group consisted of white house plumbers, a CIA membe and a FBI member. A couple weeks later on june 17, 1972, the Burglars returned to Watergate to change one of the bug they planted and to take photos. This time they were caught and arrested.

The invesigation directly leads to Hunt with his connection wtih the plumbers. Nixon then meets up with H.R. haldeman. They agree on a cover up plan of telling the FBI to stop the investigation because the CIA was involved.


When Nixon won the election the investigation was making new leads. “Those developments would eventually lead to the unraveling of the cover-up-and to the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency. On January 30,1973 McCord and Liddy were declared guilty. After the senate voted to make a investigation committee. Nixon met with H.R. Haldeman to make sure that his cover-up wasn’t going to fail.

when on February 17, 1973,Gray was nominated as the permanent director of the FBI. A few days later on february 28,1973 Gray admits he gave John dean files about watergate then resigned June 25-28,1973, the Dean reveals Nixons cover up.Nixon is asked to hand over the tapes but he refuses. When Nixon finally realised the tapes he resigned as president. minutes on one of the tapes was erased proved contervertial.The smoking gun tape was the tape proved that nixon knew about the cover up since 1972. He was forced to resign or face impeachment



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