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Ryan Schwarz

Francisco De Ulloa

My name is Francisco De Ulloa and I was sent by Spain to explore!

Francisco De Ulloa's journey. In 1539, Cortes sent Francisco De Ulloa to explore the side of Califorina which is also known as the Sea of Cortez.

Francisco De Ulloa's expedition.

Francisco De Ulloa's Findings. Francis De Ulloa had proved that Baja Californa was not an island as previously thought, but a Peninsula. He did not get close enough to see that this was the mouth of the great Colorodo River.

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By Ryan Schwarz

Francisco De Ulloa's expedition. In 1539, Cortes sent Francisco De Ulloa to explore the side of California. Francisco De Ulloa's other two ships (the Santa Agueda and the Trinidad) made their way northword along the coast of Mexico.

Backround infoIn 1521 Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs in the middle of Mexico. In 1524 Cortes had written to the king of Spain telling him about an island that had a lot of money. This island can be found off the coast of Northwest Mexico.

Interesting Facts Francisco De Ulloa slipped from history as silently as he came on the scene . One report says that he was murdered by one of his sailors soon after reaching port on the west coast of Mexico.



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