Ryan Leake's Glog A Dog's Life

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Ryan Leake's Glog A Dog's Life

Ryan LeakeReading 1/22/19/10

Ann M. Martin

BeginningSquirrel is born as a stray with a brother named Bone. They live in a shed by the house of the Merrions. Squirrel's mother leaves the shed and never returns. Bone and Squirrel are left to fight for themselves.

MidddleBone runs away from the shed and Squirrel comes with him. They get found, but they only take Bone away. Squirrel is alone. Hee lives by scavenging through trash and other animals until he finds another stray named Moon. Moon and squirrel travel trough cities and open land, but Moon gets hit by a car and dies instently and Squirrel is taken to the vet.

A Dog's Life

EndOnce they help Squirrel, he is adopted by abusive owners who eventually leave him to die. Again, Squirrel is on his own. Finally, another lady finds him and takes him home. She gives him food and shelter. It didn't take long for her to bond with Squirrel, so she kept him.

ClimaxThe Climax of the story is when the lady finds squirrel all alone and keeps her.

The mose interesting character in the character in the book is probably squirrel because she is smart and brave. She knows how things work. She is so memorable because she had survived so much in her life, like when she was almost taken by people and his friend was hit by a car.

If I could rewrite the end of the novel I would probably make it where Squirrel finds his brother that was taken by a few adults. This would make it a much more happier ending for me then Squirrel just getting adopted. No matter what, the ending of the book waas still good.

The main problem in the story was that bone had to find his lost brother and survive on her own in the city and country. It was resovled when Squirrel was found by a great old lady thats get her healthy and finally keeeps him as her dog.

Cause: Squirrel and his friend were hit by a car.Effect: His friend dies, and he is found by the old lady by himself.Cause: Bone was taken away and not squirrel.Effect: The old lady only takes Squirrel home.Cause: Squirrel's mother died.Effect: Squirrel and Bone try to find a new home, and they get seperated, and eventually the old lady finds him.



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