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African-American History

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Ryan Burnside

Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925 and passed on February 21, 1965. His family went many difficulties and his father died in an accident which was due to a gang of racist white folk, who were known by the Black Legion. Malcolm X himself was later murdered after a few attempts of assisination. Malcolm and his family were firebombed in their home on February 14, 1965. Just a few days later Malcolm was assisinated when rushed on a stage and shot 15 times at close range by multiple gunmen. Malcolm was 39 when he passed away.


Malcolm X was appointed as a minister and as a national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. He had to go to many places, for example, Detroit, Michigan, Harlem and New York to build new mosques. Malcolm was in charge of spreading messages to the United States. In the month of March and in the year 1964, he quit the NOI to then proceed by creating his own religious organization called the Muslim Mosque, Inc.

Racial Segregation & Hardships

Ryan Burnside


Malcolm X

Famous Speeches

The African diaspora was the movement of Africans and their descendants to places throughout the world such as the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Much of the African diaspora is descended from people who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade, with the largest population living in Brazil. To study this would be to study their migration patterns, what lead to these patterns and the results of these migration patterns.

African Diaspora

Malcolm was intelligent but left his school when he was in eighth grade because one of his teachers discouraged him by saying that black people couldn’t become lawyers in their future. Instead she suggested that he becomes a carpenter. Then he began becoming a drug dealer, robber, criminal, etc. It was a rough start for him, but while in jail, he used his time to re-educate himself. Then, one day, his brother visited him. He was a member of the Nation of Islam, a Black Muslim organisation. It was an organisation that taught to their members that the white society is preventing black people to have some economic, political and social success. It also fought for an independent state where there would only be black people. The organisation sure wasn’t bad, but they were going a little bit too hard: they were often using violence to achieve their goals.


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