[2015] Gavin Cronkite (Period 3): Rwanda Mass Genocide

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[2015] Gavin Cronkite (Period 3): Rwanda Mass Genocide

The Hutu made the Tutsi the victims. This is because they were the one that killed the Tutsi. Also, the Belgians favored the Tutsi. This made the Hutus a victim as well.

Many Tutsi lost their lives. Although some fleed the country and did not get killed. However, those people lost there homes.

Who made them the victims?

What was the injustice that occured?

What events lead to the injustice?

Who were the victims?

What did the victim lose?

After Rwanda gained independence against Belguim, the Hutu took control and turned on Tutsi. This started a 100 day genocide that left nearly 1 million Tutsi people killed.

There was always some tension between Tutsi and the Hutu. Then, on 1 July, 1962, Belguim granted Rwanda its independence. This caused the Hutu uprising. This lead to nearly 1 million Tutsi to lose there lives.

The Tutsi were the main victims of the Hutu uprising. Nearly 1 million Tutsi lost their life. Although during the Belgium rule the Tutsi were favored over the Hutu.

Rwanda Mass Genocide


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