Rwanda Genocide

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Rwanda Genocide

From the movie, I have learned that eventhough the world has abandoned Rwanda when they needed them the most, there were still some foreign individuals whose still tried to help the situation such as general Colonel Oliver and Pat Archer (redcross volunteer).

What is Genocide?The term "genocide is used to referred to the action of mass killing, targetting a specific group of people with particular religious or ethicity in the society with the intent to deny and destroy the existance of this group of people.

Genocides are motivated by:-Disputes between religous groups- Dispute on ethnicity/belifes - Desire for powers/to be in control - To remove potential threats - To influence the ideologies over the opposition sides

Rwanda GenocideThe Rwanda Genocide began on April 6,1994, when the Hutu militia group started to slaughter all of the Tutsi in Rwanda. The Hutu blamed the Tutsi for the death of Rwandan's president and used it as an excuss to start the slaughter. However, the root of the genocide was believed to be the desire for powers from the Hutu community, the majority of Rwanda's population. They wanted to reclaim the power to control the country, which has been entrusted to the Tutsi during Belgian colonise because they were believed to be the superial group as they have a lighter skin colour. Within 100 days, 1,000,000 Tutsi wear killed, thousands were forced into slavery and only a small number of Tutsis were lucky enough to survive.

From the movie, I also learned that the United Nation has not fulfill their responsibility to protect Rwanda as they have decided to take out most of the troops in the most crucial time. And to cover their mistake, they have tried to avoid calling the event in Rwanda as the act of "Genocide".

Lastly, I have learned that the action of international community on sending military forces to evacuate their citizen only and left behind of the innocent Tutsi civilians is absolutely unforgivetable and violated the human right declaration as it states that everyone has the right to live.

As a global organisation that promote the human rights, the United Nation has the responsibility to ensure that every global citizen has the right to life. That is why during the Rwanda Genocide, when the Tutsi community was suffering through a massacres carried out by the Hutus. The United Nation is responsibled for providing a protection for Tutsi communtiy, whose life was being threatened by the act of genocide. Also the UN peace keeping force presented within the country has the duty to stop and prevent any further escalations of the genocide, which would potentially result in a greater number of deaths.

The Rwanda Genocide is considered the biggest failure of the UN as their action of refusing to send in help and withdrawal most of their peace keeping force out of the country has recieved a lot of criticism from the global community. During the 100 days on genocide, Rwanda has recived very little help from the outside, only a small proportion of medicines and doctors were sent in by the red cross, foreign countries did send in military forces but only to evacuate their citizens living within Rwanda. The number of UN peace keepers was limited down to 300. The reason being was because the UN was focuing its peace keeping force to remediate of civil that took place in the former Yugoslavia. Also some perminant membesr of the security council were reluctant to give it up their vote to send in support troops because of varies reasons.

The term "reposibility to protect" was created right after the Rwanda Genocide, when the international community has realised the number of deaths caused by their terrible mistake to not send in support troops to stop the act of genocide. The key concept of this term is that country has the resposibility to protect its population against mass atrocity crimes. If the government of a country refuses or denies their reposibility to protect their own citizens, then the responsibility is automatically transfered to the global community and the global community will be responsible for the safety of this country's citizens. And because of the creation of the this term was due to the genocide in Rwanda, it is considered as the legacy of this genocide and it is there to remind us of what has happened and to make sure it never happened again.


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