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Assignment: Each student will create a journal for his/her time capsule project.Purpose: The journal will provide an opportunity for students to improve writing skills by selecting, expanding, and focusing on one topic throughout each entry. The journal also offers an opportunity to document events, memories, and experiences of 7th grade.Requirements: Date each entry and place a title/topic in the top margin. Six (6) sides of jounal paper should be filled every two weeks. When you change a topic, start at the top of a new page. No more than two blue lines may be left blank on a page. No margins of any kind shoud be on journal pages. Neatness does count...or your page won't! Avoid big spaces between words, bigger than usual handwriting, etc. These writing tricks never yield results. Just maketime to write.

JournalGuidelines& Prompts

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Don't work ahead. No extra credit is given, and you have to start fresh after each journal check.

Entries must be written on journal pages. Do not tape or glue entries into the journal.

Journals are not graded for grammar and mechanics. Yahoo!

Journals are graded every two weeks, and each page is worth 3 pts. That's 72 pts. per marking period!

You may choose your own topics or use the writing prompts provided below. Topic variety is encouraged.

Fall Semester 2011 - Update to Journal ProceduresWe will be starting the year by using our journals to write rough drafts of essays and doing some directed journaling acitivities. Look for future journaling assignments on the homework page.


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