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RV7WritesWiki English 7

English 7 provides students with the skills necessary to work through the challenges of writing in a cooperative writing workshop setting. Students build and expand their understanding of writing as a strategic process. Instruction and practice in grammar and mechancis is on-going. The structure and styling of sentences, paragraphs, and essays will be emphasized. Students learn to plan before writing, showing awareness of purpose, audience, content, and form. Students learn to critique and evaluate writing. Oral communication skills are strengthened through presentations.

English Mrs. D.

Course Desription

-Large shoe box (not boots) for time capsule project -Pencils, blue or black ink pens -Post It divider tabs for writing binder -Three-hole punch (small ones available at Wal Mart) -Reinforcements for three-hole punched papers -USB portable drive (helpful to continue work at home)Students will be provided with: -Large three-ring binder w/ interior class folder and writing resources; no notebook is necessary -Journal

Class Supplies



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