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Ruzena Bajcsy

She was born in Czechoslovakia in 1933. Her adult relatives were all killed by Nazis in 1944, so her and her sister were placed in foster care. In 1967 she came to America. She was planning on only staying a year, but after she heard about the attack on Prague, she decided to stay and continue at Stanford and earned her second Ph.D. For the next thirty years she worked at the University of Pennsylvania where she was a founder of their general robotics program

Ruzena Bajcsy

Job HistoryBefore she went to Stanford, she went to undergrad school in the Slovak University of Technology. She graduated in 1957 with an M.S. After Stanford, she went to Penn and taught there ofr 30 years. She is a founder of their robotics program. After that, she went to teach at the University Of California, in Berkely, and is the professor of electrical engineering and computer science there, and is still teaching there today.

She has won the Benjamin Franklin Medal, and an American Service Medal for her work.

She has two of her own children, and one more from her first husbands marrige.They don't have any children together though, but Ruzena has two from her first marrige.

Her children didn't stay in Chezoslovakia, they live in Urbana-Champain now. They came to the U.S after the wall of Berlin came down. Her daughter came in 1990, and her son 1991 or 1992

These are all pictures of Ruzena Bajcsy. She is an amazing women scientist, and should be recognized for her achievements.


The Benjamin Franklin Medal!


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