Rutherford B. Hayes

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Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes

19th president (1877-1881)

Lasting ImpactPeople have many different thoughts of Rutherford B Hayes. Some people now still think he was a fraud since he had one more electoral college vote but his opponent had more public votes. So the people against Rutherford called him, “His Fraudulency” or “Rutherfraud”. Still some people think he cheated. Some believe he didn’t cheat.

AccomplismentsRutherford had a few accomplishments. An accomplishment Rutherford had made was a foreign law that he agreed with Mexico that jointly purse bandits crossing between the nations and to strengthen the border security. A domestic accomplishment Hayes made was he ordered federal troops to put an end to the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. Hayes was also very important. One reason why was because he had thought of the US before he thought for his reputation.

Fun Facts!1) Rutherford was the first to use a telephone in the office.2) Hayes was the only president who got wounded in battles3) Lucy and him conducted the first Easter egg roll on the White House lawn.4) Hayes refused to run a second term in his presidency.

Seven Significant Dates1) In 1842 he graduated Kenyon College.2) He attended Harvard Law School in 1845. 3) Lucy Ware Webb married Rutherford in the year of 1852.4) Had his first kid at 1853.5) 1867 he left the House to become the Governor of Ohio.6) He was elected president in 1876.7) Hayes ordered federal troops to end the Great Railroad Strike in 1877.

BiographyRutherford was born on October 4th, 1822 at Delaware, Ohio. Hayes was born 2 months before his father’s death so his sister, Fanny, and him was raised by their mother. Before he was a president he quit a few jobs and became an officer in the Army. After the war, he left the Congress to run for Governor of Ohio and had three terms. Finally he became president, his opponent had the more votes from the people, but Hayes got more electoral college votes. He later got married to a lovely woman named Lucy and had a few children. A long time after he retired and left the White House. Then a few years later Lucy and him died.


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