Russian Revolution

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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution

On March 11, the troops of the Petrograd army garrison were called out to quell the uprising. That day, Nicholas again dissolved the Duma. The Petrograd Soviet issued Order, which instructed Russian soldiers and sailors to obey only those orders.

In the aftermath of the February Revolution, power was shared between the weak provisional government and the Petrograd. Leftist revolutionaries led by Bolshevik Party leader Vladimir Lenin launched a nearly bloodless coup d’état against the provisional government. The Bolsheviks and their allies occupied government buildings and other strategic locations in Petrograd.

The Declaration on the Creation of the USSR is a historical document which, together with the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR, formed the constitutional basis for the creation of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics as a multinational state.

The Civil War is the central event in America's historical consciousness. The war resolved two fundamental questions left unresolved by the revolution: whether the United States was to be a dissolvable confederation of sovereign states or an indivisible nation with a sovereign national government; and whether this nation, born of a declaration that all men were created with an equal right to liberty, would continue to exist as the largest slaveholding country in the world.

Economic Strains of WWI

Bolshevik Revolution

Revolution of 1917

It was the culmination of a long period repression and unrest. In 1881, student revolutionaries who were angry over the slow pace of political change to assassinated Alexander II. To establish a uniform Russian culture, Alexander III oppressed other members of Russian society.

Nicholas II, Alexandra

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday 1972 began with a civil rights march organised by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association as a protest against Interment, a British government policy that detained without trial anyone believed to be a member of an illegal, paramilitary organisation.Wave of strikes in St. Petersburg. Police fired upon demonstrators. Massacre of peaceful demonstrators and several hundred people wounded.

Nicholas II was born the son of the Russian Tsar Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna. His full given name was Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov. Since he was the eldest son of the Tsar, Nicholas was heir to the throne of Russia. He was close to his parents and had five younger brothers and sisters. Born on June 6, 1872. Granddaughter of Britain's Queen Victoria. Orphaned at age of 6. Born in Darmstadt, Germany. She married Tsar Nicholas II. Her new-born son suffered from hemophilia. Gave birth to 4 children.

Creation of the U.S.S.R.

Civil War

Political Reforms

The Bolshevik government passed a plethora of legislation in the immediate aftermath of the October/November Revolution. The Bolsheviks had no experience of government and there was little guarantee that the Bolsheviks would have maintained power for any length of time.


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