Russian Revolution: Pravda

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Russian Revolution: Pravda

•Pravda means "Truth" in Russian•During its first year of publication, it was confiscated 40 times, editors were prosecuted36 times, and then sentenced to 4 years.•Pravda newspaper published in Moscow, Russia and distributed nation wide. It was the official organ of the Communist Party of Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991•Pravda's first issue was dated in May of 1912.•The paper eventually became a important role in the Bolshevik movement.•The paper became the cheif orgon of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in 1997.


1912: Pravda's first issue was the 5th day of the month of May1918: Became official party paper1991: Remained the function until the demise of the Communist power in the Soviet Union1992: The paper sold to Greek investors Theodoros & Christos Giannikos. Pravda became the voice of conservative-nationalist oppisition but, continued to suffer declining readership1996 to 1997: Period of instability ensued- which included closure in 1996, before the paper became the cheif orgon of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in 1997

• The newspaper 'Pravda' has inspired many pieces of work. This includes other newspapers, videos and novels such as the popular one written by Edward Docx.• For most of the 20th century, Pravda was the leading Soviet state newspaper and organ of information and education. It offered its readers things such as articles, economics, cultural topics, and literature.

Lasting Impact

Pravda affected how the Russian Revolution was viewed. The people were able to read of events that occured and it changed many opinions on the Russian Revolution.


Russian Revolution:Pravda




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