Russian Revolution Journal

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Russian Revolution Journal

Journal of Alec

A 20 Year Old Male During the Russian Revolution

December 1880Today is freezing. Everyone in my communal landholding system is sick. My family, who used to be serfs before the system was outlawed two decades ago. I am not sure how it worked, though. It seems like my family still supports the upper class. We slave everyday to make it. Momma says we will get jobs in the new factory. Even though I am young, they will let me work. The pay is small but will still help. There are factories everywhere or so it seems. I wonder if my younger brother will work in the factory. We are still lower class, but the social classes aren’t as strict as they used to be. We are definitely trying to overcome the barriers into a normal, pleasant life.

December 1903Earlier this year I attended the London Conference. My eyes have been opened to the Bolshevik way of life. Many of my family members are the Menshevik minority. Those who support Lenin can see a new Russia. Soon, I am sure the state power will be seized. A new dictator will be put into place. This could mean equality for all. I envision a country that works together. No more classes! Hardwork is the way Russia will survive.

July 1881It’s hard to feel censored all the time. The Russian regime’s secret police have increased censorship. I know they plan to stop the advocating of change. I watch what I say at work, I do not want anyone to know I agree with the plan to change Russia. I used to dream of being a scientist, but I hear so much talk of stopping any science. I know the Russian Orthodox Church is not supportive and neither is the government. I don’t understand why!! Science could change our lives! I am tired of working in the factory!

February 1881I got the job and having been working in the factory producing goods. The hours are long. I come home tired, but I hear important stories in the factory. Tsar Alexander II is in danger I believe. I can tell Russia is changing, and The Intellegensia wants to stop this. The “Peoples Will” are plotting to kill Tsar Alexander . I am a Narodkiks (Populist). I think the Revolution is needed. Russia has been through too much. Lenin has outlined some of the main reasons to revolutionize, and I couldn’t agree more. The Strategy cannot be altered.

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“Chaos; power hungry, tumultuous leaders, and both violent and revolutionary ideas, were essential ingredients in 19th century Russia.”


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