Russian Partisans

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World War II

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Russian Partisans

Dearest Audrey, I send you my love, and imagine you and Axel are faring well. How is the weather back home? I miss the fine summer days dearly for it is bitterly cold here. Yesterday, two men in my platoon dies of frostbite. I neither expected nor dreamed of winters so frigid. My spit freezes midair, before it even hits the ground. I found it quite amusing this morning. A few men decided to have a spitting contest to see who's could travel the farthest but one of them accidentaly spit on Captian Recht. Boy! Was he ever fuious. Truth be told, I was afraid he would shoot the poor man. Our whole platoon has been on edge of late. A tenseness hangs above our heads like a fog. It's the invisible soldeirs. We have not yet entered the wilderness yet, but even so, we have already been prayed upon by these ghost soldiers. And akin to ghost they are indeed. The seep silently through the trees, following us. My every instinct screams at me to run. I feel the hair prickle on the back of my neck as we walk. You have never seen anything like it. They apporate from behind trees with faces of stone and suddenly, men are falling to the ground, stone dead. It is as if they kill them with just their eyes instead of guns. Then they fade back into the trees. We have no hope of fighting them. I pray for my safe return and that God spare my life in this cold war. Yet I wonder why he should save mine but give another to enemy bullets. Yours Forever,Wilhelm Braun

WhereSoviet Union during German Invasion

During WW2, the Russian defeat of the Germans proved a huge turning point in the war. But, it is unlikely that this victory would have come about without the Russian partisans. Partisans, also refered to as ghost soldiers, fought the occupying German forces secretly and used guerrilla tactics (like the hit and run strategy where a group of partisans, usually refered to as an SS death squad, would attack a band of German soldiers and kill as many as possible before dissapearing back into the woods) Many of these ghost soldiers were women, children, young people, and older citizens since most able Russian men fought as soldiers. However, it was the Partisans who the Germans feared most. As Fredrich Bushele writes in his journal, "The avengers Pressure us every where. You are never safe from them. We cannot fight the spectors of the forest." Partisans also took advantage of the fact that they were farmiliar with the forested and marshy terrain. The Germans could not patrol and guard the rugged land effectively, which made it easy for partisans to launch attacks and then dissapear back into the woods. It would be fruitless for the Germans to attempt persuing them. Since the Germans had no way of fighting the Partisans, they punished innocent civilians, sometimes burning down entire villages. However, this only devoted more Russians to the Partisan cause. By the time German occupation ended, there were over 120,000 partisans. Clearly, these ghost soldiers played a crutial role in the allied victory of World War Two.


1941- Germany Invades Soviet Union1942- Central Staff established1942- Belorussian partisan movement 1945- Germans officially retreat from Russia


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Russian PartisansWorld War II

During the second World War, Joseph Stalin, Leader of the Soviet Union proved slightly insane. Just before the war began, Stalin fired (usually killed) 9 out of 10 of his most experienced military leaders. Therefore, the Russian army was weak as a result of the lack of trained, expert military commanders. In fact, in 1941, when the partisans were still unorganized, Germany advanced quickly dispite defense from the Soviet Union. As a result of the weak Soviet military, many turned to the Partisans to defeat Germany. Partisans served three main purposes. First, to make life a difficult and unpleasant for the Germans as possible. Partisans dystroyed bridges and train tracks to cut off supply lines to the soldiers. They also appeared at random from forests and marshes to kill as many Germans as possible before disapearing back into the landscape. Secondly, partisans stole supplies from the German army to be distributed not only to the rest of the partisans but also these supplies were often used to assist the Russian army. These supplies included: Guns, ammunition, food and even clothes. Over the course of the war, Partisans raided 4,993German store rooms. Finally, Partisans collected imformation. Not only did partisans act as Guerrilla fighters but also spys. Many partisans went behind German lines to learn secret imformation. Some even acted as double agents. This imformation helped Russia anticipate attacks and catch on th German strategy. This imformation proved crucial in the war effort.

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Who were the Partisans?

Importance Of Partisans

Russia (Partisans)* Rationale: Most Russians wanted to rid their country of the German occupiers. (Hitler makes it clear in his book, Mein Kampf that he wants to expand to Russian territory and us Russians as slaves.*Partisans... *Killed over 900,000 German soldiers *Attacked 9,000 rail lines *Dystroyed 9,789 bridges *Dystroyed 3,421 tanks *Raided 4,993 store rooms*Partisans were supported by the Russian government, and Many Russian civilians.

Partisan bases in Nazi occupied Russia

German Invasion of barbarossa(one of the first German taken cities)

Russian Partisans from Belorussia.

Germany*Rationale: During World War Two, it was part of the Nazi mindset to belive that Germany and the Nazi party were most superior race. Therefore, they felt justified in occupying other countries. Hitler even writes Russia is the perfect place to expand living space for the Germans with the Russians acting as their slaves.*Germany was supported by it's allies, the Axis powers, Italy and Japan. However, on the Eastern front (Russia) Germany was the main power attempting to conquer Russa. (93% of the military force on the Eastern front belonged to Germany)

*Over 120,000 partisans by the end of German occupation* 84% of population was or helped a partisan* Belorussian partisans killed 300,000 German soldiers

Fast Facts

Partisans used Guerrilla tactics (hit and run)

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Primary Source

"We entered a gloomy wilderness in our tanks. There wasn't a single man anywhere. Everywhere the forests and marshes are haunted by the ghosts of the avengers. They would attack us unexpectedly, as if rising from under the earth. They cut us up to disappear like devils into the nether regions. The avengers pursue us everywhere. You are never safe from them. Damnation. I never experienced anything like it anywhere in the war. I cannot fight the spectres of the forest."Friedrich Buschele, killed by Byelorussian partisans.


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