Russian Museum of Love

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Russian Museum of Love

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All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness

The Legend of Peter and Fevronia.Like Romeo and Juliet of the Italian Renaissance narrative literature, which thanks to the involving drama of Shakespeare’s genius, has become a wide-recognized symbol of faithful love in the West culture, Leily and Medjnun of ancient Arabic songs, thanks to the greatest poetry of Nisami, Fisuli and other poets, has been glorified as the same symbol in the culture of the East. But every country in the world admires and keeps its own legend of faithful love and has its own symbol.For more than five centuries in Russia the legend of Peter and Fevronia lives as a story of invincible love. It’s also mentioned by the Church as an example of true married devotion – exactly on the 8th of July – when two spouses died the same day and hour (it was in 1228). The shrine with their holy remains is kept inside the Trinity cathedral in the old town of Murom that is on the river Oka (about 300 km. South-East of Moscow). Many people go there to ask Peter and Fevronia for help in love and marriage matters.In 2008 it has been decided to introduce the 8th of July as the all-Russian Day of family, love and faithfulness with annual celebrations and a special emblem – a camomile.


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