Russian health/environment (by ethomas)

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Russian health/environment (by ethomas)

Russian Health/Environment

Pollution in Russia

-Russian cities contain poor air quality standards. -Negative trends in air quality were observed in some of the biggest cities.

Violations of air quality standards were reported in 208 cities and towns, surveyed in 1994

-Negative trends have been reported for water quality -Contamination was detected in 1993 in about 5% of the ground-water supplies used by industrial and municipal systems -About 10% of ground-water intakes reported exhaustion of water supplies -20% of drinking water samples taken in 1990-94 didn't meet chemical safety criteria/ 11-13% showed microbiological problems -Level of pollution of coastal seas is constantly high

-Russian rivers are suffering from direct industrial and agricultural pullution -There is a wide-spread practice of dumping household wastes along riverbeds -Chemical pollution is one of the main pollution problems/ water quality deteriorates as a result - Rivers are becoming shallow from over-consumption of water, sedimentation, and re-cultivation of marshes

Cases where concentrations were 10 times higher than air quality standards were reported in 83 cities

Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world faces pollution

Russian Health

-Population's premature death rate is on of the most important problems in Russian health care -It's higher than it was 100 yrs ago -More than 40% of deaths could be prevented if standard medical treatment was provided in time -Decreasing birth rate is another problem, but is less than death rate

35,000 people were killed on the roads in one year

-Doctors and hospitals can't provide healthcare because of lack of funds, medical and technical equipment and supplies, and delivery. -Quality of services and accessibility is low - Without proper funding, health care workers aren't paid enough and cheaper and insufficient technologies are used for care -There are no defined federal and local health protection policies

Male life expectancy is 58 yrs/ female is 72

-Widespread sickness occurs in Russia with little or no treatments available -Children inherit diseases from their parents -There is much drug addiction in Russian children -Unstable environments attribute to the cause of some diseases

Number of healthy children in Russia over past 10 yrs dropped from 45.5% to 33.9%



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