Russian Empire

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Russian Empire

IVAN THE GREAT:*Created a large independent state*Made Russia bigger by conquering and purchasing the territories around him*In 1470, Ivan launched a war against the Novgorod pricedom, which he conquered*Allowed openness between the European and Russian cultures*Rebuilded the Italian architects in Moscow*Created a code of law known as Sudebnik in 1497*Proclaimed Moscow as the “Third Rome”*Increased the power of the central Russian government and drew more land under control*Dealt with the powerful class of Russia’s aristocrats, the BoyarsPETER THE GREAT:*Built the army by offering better pay *Drafted peasants for service as professional soldiers*Created a navy*Organized peasants to work on roads and do other service for the government *Gained Russian territory along the Baltic Sea by defeating the powerful Swedish military*Replaced the Boyars with merit based employees by creating the Table of RanksCATHERINE THE GREAT:*A ruler of absolutism*Made some efforts toward social and political reforms.*Tried to change the feudal system by beginning a document called ‘Nakaz’, but the senate refused *Felt that the wealth of the Orthodox church should belong to the states*Church and all its holdings including more than 1 million serfs, became state property and subject to taxes


*Russia gained independence from the Mongols*Gained territories by conquering their enemies*Created a code called Sudebnik

RUSSIAN EMPIRE:*The country gained independence from the Mongols*Russia shared their cultures with the European culturesEx: Rebuilding Italian architects in Moscow*Gained a military focus and a blend of nationalism*Russia conquered alot of land and won alot of warsEx: The war against the Novgorod pricedomPORTUGUESE EMPIRE:*Advanced naval technology: caravels, carracks, astrolabe, and compass*Established fortresses along the Gold Coast*Brazil was Portuguese due to the Treaty of Tordesilla 1494


1. Was Russia a stable empire during this time frame?2. Which "Great" was the greatest?



Russian Empire

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