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Social Studies

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This video is on Physical Geography of Russia with 5B for the SE. Sources:

Come and visit Russia! Russia’s economic freedom score is 51.9, making its economy the 140th freest in the 2014 Index. Oh! It doesn't stop there folks! Lets see what Russia has to offer!!!!Sources:


The Saint Basil's Cathedral is the top tourist attraction in Russia!However, it is not popular for the artifacts inside but the architecture outside!

Map of Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral

This QR code is on History of Russia with 18C as the SE.Sources:

This QR code is on Cultural Geography of Russia with 11B as the SE. Sources:

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Russia is FULL of religious history, literacy and art history! You must try traditional Russia food atleast once in your life it has quite a unique tasting flavor! Come visit Russia especially if your in for a Winter Wonderland!!Source:

Russian Flag!!!

Hermitage Museum

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