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10 DAYS 8 NIGHT at RUSSIA with Travel Tour

Russia Facts and CultureFood and Recipes: Eating with a fork in the left hand and the knife in the right is standard, but many people use.Family: Because housing is difficult to obtain, young couples often live with their parents for some time. It is the normal.

Several Mayan archeological sites have been found at the lake. Sambaj, located approximately 55 feet below the current lake level, appears to be from at least the pre-classic period.[6] There are remains of multiple groups of buildings, including one particular group of large buildings that are believed to be the city center.

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Capital:MoscowGovernment Type:FederationPopulation:142,500,482Total Area:6,601,631 Square Miles and 17,098,242 Square KilometersLocationNorth Asia bordering the Arctic Ocean, extending from Europe (the portion west of the Urals) to the North Pacific OceanLanguage:Russian (official), many minority languages


Hello-Здравствуйте!Good morning-Доброе утро.How are you-Как поживаетеNice to see you-Рад тебя видеть


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