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Social Studies

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About RussiaRussia is the biggest country in the world, it's capital is called Moscow. The currency is Ruble. Russia's form of Government is different to the Australian Government. There are three sections in of Government in it : Semi-Presidential, Constitutional Repiblic and the Russian Government.The Russian flag has three horizontal strips of colour the top is white,middle blue and the bottom is red.Products in Russia are coal, gas, oil, chemicals and metals.Native flora in Russia are Baby's Breath, Siberian Iris, Rhododendron to name a few.Native fauna in Russia are Siberian tigers, Russian lepards, wolves, elk, bears to name a few.


The Russian National Athem is called the Gosundarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federdsi<3

More About RussiaThirty five different languages are spoken in Russia not including Russian.The Russian population is 143.5 million . The area of Russia is 17,098,242km and the climate is very cold in winter and warm in some areas during summer.

Russia is a multicultural country. But is populated with more christians than any other cultures.The education in Russian is also very different to Australia as there are only nine years of primary and the schools start frome around 8:30am to 2:30pm.

In Russia Chess is very popular aswell as the card game durak which mean Russian Fool, soccer, ice hockey and ice skating.Popular music in Russia are mainly heterophic music which means melody amoung different voices and popular instraments played are schwam, horn trumpet, svivel and a kugikly. THe music played there is usually religious or personal.Interesting Facts:-Russia's is the biggest country in tne world.-Russians drive on the right-hand side of the road.-Russia is located across 9 time zones.-Russia hosted the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

Russia is located on the top right and is colour coded in purple

traditional dress is usually worn only in celebrations and festivals , women wear skirts and shawls to cover there heads and sometimes there sholders. Men wear fur caps with ear flaps to protect there heads from bitter tempretures.Traditional food is usually onlly have fish, potatoes, vegtables, and bread as it is hard to get fresh meat in the cold. Only 10% of Russia is used for farming because of the cold. There are many celebrations celebrated in Russia like Christmas, New Year, Malenitsa, Easter, Victory day, Tatyanas day just to name a few.


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