Russia & Ukraine

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Russia & Ukraine

Who- RussiaWhat-Annexed the ukraine peninsula of CrimeaWhen- Beginning in late february 2014Where-The southernmost part of ukraineWhy-To get more natural resources and overall money because Crimea is a tourist attraction


2/28 - Key Crimean buildings seized3/16 - Crimeans vote to join Russia3/24 -Ukraine troops pull out of Crimea4/19 - Threatening anti semitic leaflets are spotted4/20-Today - Ukraine troops and Pro Russian forces clash, leaving many injured or dead

Vladmir Putin- President of Russia. He sanctioned the invasion, and is important because he is the leader of RussiaUN- United Nations. They have imposed heavy sanctions on RussiaViktor Yanukovych- Deposed president of the Ukraine. He is important because he was the one that couldnt keep control of Crimea and had to flee the countryAnnexation-Add or attach as a condition or consequence. This term is important because this is what Russia did to CrimeaCrimea- Ukraine peninsula bordering the Black Sea. This is important because it is the one being annexed by Russia

This topic is a chilling reminder that even in todays world, other countries can still come and take over our territory. It also shed light on the situation in Ukraine, which was the terrible state of the economy. This has also created the biggest crisis between the west and Russia since the cold war



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Russia and Ukraine




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