Russia Citizen/State Relationship

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Russia Citizen/State Relationship

Social Media Fuels Hopes for Civil Society in Russia

Civil Society:.Collection of different groups with different interests.Cooperation with state is restircted .Negative state propaganda has discredited many public organization in the eyes of Russians, thus supressing coordination between NGOs and population

The Problem in Russia is that Citizens have no alternatiive but to cast vote for Putin party...

Role Of Media.Provide indirect pro-Putin propaganda.Ignored 2011 protests against Putin's, giving coveragy only to rallies in support of government

How Is Citizen/State Relationship In Russia?

Citizens' Attitudes And Beliefs:In Russia social cleavages exist in social class and ethnicities

Government Response to Citizens:.Manipulate media and internet to deliver thier message, portraying Putin as the national Hero

Citizens Response as result of Government actions

In 2011,Biggest Protests in Moscow since 1990s as a result of Putin's intent to run again for president


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