[2015] Landry Bricker (Social Studies): Russia

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Social Studies

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[2015] Landry Bricker (Social Studies): Russia


Russia belongs to the eastern and northern hemisphere.Russia shares a border with Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus.Russias population is 149 million people the geographic size is 6.6 million square miles and Russias capital is moscow. Russia is part of Asia.

Russia is the biggest country and is part of Asia.The rural area is 25% population, cities and towns are 3 quarters of the population.The Soviet Union was established in the year 1917. Russia art and achitecture are the same and different, Russia art is just art but Russia architecture is the buildingand design if churches.

The Trand-siberian railway is famous for being the longest rail line on earth it was built for travel and it had to ve rushed to finish cause of the Russo-Japanees war.

Russian school children go to school for 10 years of either 6-7 to 16-17 the school day starts at 8:30 to 2:00

Russias meal consist of fish potatoes vegetables and bread .

Peaple interact with the land of Russia by.... hiking, trekking, nature tours, where you can learn all about the land of Russia. Lake Baikal is 1620 meters deep, it is famous for its forest and shores that are lined with colorful wildflowers, and crystal blue waters.Rivers are important for travel and shipping things in Russia, Volga is the longest river at 2,300 miles long.

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