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Russel Wilson


1.Russell Wilson is one of the two Quarterbacks t with 50 plus passing touchdowns.2. Russell is 30 years old. 3. Russell Wilson went to Wisconsin University. He also went to North Carolina University5. Russell Wilson also played Baseball for the Texas rangers and The Yankees.6. Russell and the Seahawks have never lost a double digit game since October 2 20107. Russell Wilson goes to the Children Hospital every Tuesday.8. In 2007 Russell was drafted out of high school by the Baltimore Orioles.9.Russell Wilson played second base for 93 games.10. Russell Wilson has been in the NFL for the past 7 years or seasons.11. Russell lead the Seahawks to two Superbowls.12.The seahawks almost won the Superbowl but didn't because there was a interception at the goal line.13. The seahawks won the Superbowl against the Broncos.14. Russell Wilson set a football record at Wisconsin University.15. Russell Wilson is getting paid 140 million dollars for four years.


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