Russel Terrier

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Russel Terrier

This dog is in the Terrier Group. Its coat can be long or short, and its colors can be any combination of tan, white, or black. This Terrier's eye color can be any dark color: brown, black, etc.

Russell Terriers are relatively low maintenance, only needing a weelky brush (smooth coat) and an occasional bath.You also need to check their ears, give them exercise, brush their teeth, and trim their nails regularly.

Russell Terriers learn very quickly and are very smart, but training may take patience, because they are very energetic and hyper. They make good watchdogs, yet still being sociable around strangers. Russell Terriers are also very affectionate and good with kids. One cool fact about these dogs is that they can jump higher than 5 feet!

The height range of these dogs is between 9.8 and 15 inches, and the weight range for these dogs is between 14 and 18 pounds.

The Russell Terrier(a.k.a. Jack Russell, or Jack Russell Terrier)

SAVE ME!AtTexas Russell Rescue

Breeders of my kind includeDuke's LegacyLazy C RanchBear Creek

Veterinarian for this dog:VCA LJ Animal HospitalKennels for this dog:VCA LJ Animal Hospital&Brazoria County Lucky Dog Company


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