Russel Kirk

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Russel Kirk

Russel Kirk

Personal Profile: Russel KirkRussel Kirk was born on October 19, 1918 in Plumouth, Mighigan. His college education began in 1940 when he received his bachelors degree in history at Michigan State College. After that, in 1941, he received his masters degree, also in history, from Duke Univeristy. After college, Kirk went on to become ranked staff sergeant in World War II. After the war, Kirk taught at a university and took a leave of absence to study in Scotland. Here, he studied the most influential conservative thinkers in both Englad and America. Throughout this time, Kirk wrote multiple books including The Conservatives' Rout and The Conservatives Mind. These books launched the conservative movement in America. In 1963, Kirk married Annette Yvonne Cecile Courtemanche. The couple moved back to the house where Kirk grew up. After living a very influential life, Russel Kirk died on April 29, 1994.

10 Conservative PrincipalsKirk constructed 10 principles of conservatism. They are listed in this video.

A picture of Russel Kirk in his older years.

This picture shows Kirk standing in front of his home in Plymouth, Michigan. The family was very hospitable and housed people from the homeless to fellow writers.

Kirks home town, located in Plymouth, Michigan, United States of America

Compare and Contrast: Bach and KirkA similarity between JS Bach and Russel Kirk is they both wanted to see a change in something they enjoyed. For Bach, it was music. For Kirk, it was the government. With their teachings and dedication, they both influenced many generations. After nearly 500 years, Bach is still a name recognized by many, and Kirk will continue to play a huge role in conservatism for many years to come. While Bach questioned the authority of the society, Kirk questioned the authority of the government. Even though their time periods and interests are vastly different, they both wrote many different works of art. With Bach, over 1,000 different songs, and Kirk, over 200 books of many genres, articles, and interviews. If neither of these highly influencial people had not chosen to make a difference, the music world and the political world would be very different. Because they both tried to change the status quo and go against the flow of society, a large impact that will last for many more generations to come began.

BibliographyQuinn, Justin. "A Biography of Conservative Icon Russell Kirk." US Conservative Politics. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2013."Russell Kirk’s Imaginative Conservatism: “The Conservative Mind” at Sixty." The Imaginative Conservative. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2013.

Kirks Conservative ThinkingKirk opposed the excessive growth of a centralized government. Because of his time in the military, he began to distrust state power. However, he did believe that the government and society played a role in serving mankind. In his books, Kirk wrote about various writers throughout time and how they added to the conservative thought. People approved of Kirks ideas. In fact, he was written about in both Time and Newsweek. These newspapers praised Kirk for being a spokeman of the conservative movement and being an important literary and social critic. Kirks lasting impact is that he influenced two generations of conservatives with his writings. For over 60 years, Kirk has influenced Conservative people to spread their thinking.


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