Ruscillo Class

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Ruscillo Class

Mrs. Ruscillo's Awesome 2nd Grade Class!

We love our Bulgarian Pen Pals!

Greetings from our Principal Mr. Loffek

Launch of Shuttle Discovery Feb 24, 2011


  • rositsamineva 10 years ago

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    Hello, Mr. Loffek and Mrs. Ruscillo!
    Thanks for your hot meeting here on Glogster!
    We are very proud to take part in such a project, too! Hope kids enjoy all future activities and have great time together, studying more about new cultures, exchanging ideas, collaborating and having fun! Kids are amazing, they are real 21st century learners and our main task is to meet their needs of new kind of education. I know that Glogster is a perfect working tool for that purpose and I'm sure we'll have the most exiting experience here on 'Penpals project'!