Rural Community

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Rural Community

Nancy, Ellen, Alice, and Kevin.

There are many animals

Rural Communities are the best to live in!!!

Although living in rural communites are great, there are also down side to living in rural communities. Since rural communities have many space, sometimes walking to school takes longer. There isn't that many buses that would take you from place to place. Also, therearen't a lot of supermarket and clothing stores like urban communities. Houses are also very far apart, so you would need to walk to your friends house to play.

Everyone gets along!

Rural Communites are the best to live in because there are alot of space and room. You can have alot of privacy and its very quite. You can ride your bike, run around, and do anything you want without your neighbors spying on you. You can even grow your own food!!!

Advantages of Living in a Rural Community

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Many people grow their own food.

Rural Community

In rural communities, there are also many animals that you have to take care off! It is alot of responsibility to live in a rural community. However, living in rural communities is affordable and the air is much more cleaner than suburban and urban communities.


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