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Its important to respect two hours or three after eating to start the race.


I decided to make the poster about nutrition in running.Running is a really hard sport,and you need a lot of things!!


Its important to eat each 40 or 45 minutes food that are rich in carbohydrates and poor in flats and proteins such as energetic bars,fruit and candy.And if its cold,chocolate ,soup,jam etc.

Its important to drink about 500/600 ml of water each hour during a race.And its better if it is an isotonic drink

The 4 days before a race,you should follow a diet based on carbohydrates.With the objective to have our glycogen reserves full.

At the end of the race you need to refilled your glucose deposites and recuperate the liquids hat you have lost because of your swedding and eat food rich in proteins such as meat,fish ,eggs,pumpkin seeds...

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Just before the race you shouldnt eat food rich in fats and proteins.During the race you shouldn eat food with difficult digestion such as meat,fish and things like that.

Its also really important to drink a lot of water to be really hydrated.The day before the race we can eat mineral salts.



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