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Rules to follow

Another thing that you should avoid when going for a run are 100 percent cotton socks as these can lead to blisters . Instead you should wear a synthetic blend. Who said running had to be expensive???

The temperature outside, the weather and the time of day are important factors that help you determine the best clothing gear to wear when going for a run.

Women should wear a good, supportive, non-stretchy sports bra. Usually after 72 washes most sports bras should be replaced as the elasticity is lost or if the weight of the person has changed significantly.

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What to wear


Depending on how fast you run, how comfortable you are in the cold and how long your run is, you're running style may differ. A simple rule you should follow is to add a layer of clothing for every 20 degrees below sixty degrees fahrenheit.

Winter Season

You should NEVER wear cotton clothing when running as they do not absorb any of the sweat and heat from your body. The ideal apparel to wear are synthetic fabrics such as coolmax, dri-fit or lycra.

Important Rules




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