[2015] John Byszewski: Running with Scissors

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[2015] John Byszewski: Running with Scissors

Title: Running with Scissors

Author: Augusten Burroughs

Awards-New York Times #1 Best Seller-An Entertainment Weekly Top 10 book of the Year-Now a major motion picture

Major themes

Major FiguresAugusten- Author and main character, set when he was 13 years oldDr. Finch- Psycatrist for Augusten's motherHope- Dr. Finches daughter who is one of the first to befreind AuguestenAugusten's parents- His mom has mental health issues and Dad is an alcoholic

Overcoming ObstaclesAugusten had to over come the difficult obstacle of alcoholic parents among others from the time he was born, but other members of the Finch families also overcome personal obstacles.

InjusticeThroughout the book and most of his childhood as a whole, Augusten is faced with situations that seem unfair from the start, but learning that life isn't always fair helps shape Augusten's character as a whole.

FamilyFamily is a major theme through Augusten's book mainly becasue his real family isnt around most of the time, he learns that an untradtional family can be just as loving and supportive.

ChangeChange comes early and often in Augusten's life. He was a boy who hated to stick out or not look put together but living away from home changes his mind on many of the things he thought were important in his life

Coming of AgeNot only does Augusten come of age as he learns more about himself and about life in general, but his mother also has a coming of age as she begins to act more as the mother Augusten didn't have growing up. Other members of the Finch family also begin to mature as they discover whats truly important to them.


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