Run Like Jager

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Run Like Jager

"Suddenly he is standing before the last door. He doesn't want to go inside. He tries to turn away, but reaches for the doorknob instead ... And then he hears it: a muffled sob."p. 51

Inner Conflict: Kurt is experiencing inner turmoil over the discovery about his Grandfather. He is in a nightmare in which he is experiencing the turmoil which his own grandfather may have experienced.

In Chapter 6, Kurt is in a recurring dream in which he is his grandfather, a soldier who is helping round up Jews for concentration camps. In the dream, he unwillingly finds a young Jewish girl, hiding in a room in the house. To his horror, he wakes to the sound of gunshots ringing in his head.

Run Like JagerBy Karen Bass

"Don't hide, little girl. Run." P. 50

Will Kurt find out the truth about what his Grandfather truly did? What will he do about it?

"The only furniture is a simple wooden bed with a straw mattress. A suitcase and other belongings are scattered on the floor."(Setting)


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