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Suspects-Rumpelstiltskin-The MillerVictims-The King-The Miller


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The CrimeOnce upon a time there was a poor miller with a beautiful daughter. One day the miller had to go and pay a visit to the king, who always made fun of him. The miller was tired of the king and shouted his daughter was able to spin straw into gold. The king told the miller to prove it, and locked the miller’s daughter was placed into a room filled with straw and a single spinning wheel. A little man, named Rumpelstiltskin heard the girl crying and came out from where he was hiding to see what was wrong. The miller’s daughter explained her situation and the little man offered to help only if she gave him her precious heart shaped necklace. The miller’s daughter agreed and went to sleep. The next morning, the king opened the door to the room to find no one inside. The straw had all been turned into gold except one piece. Crime scene investigators found the miller’s daughter’s necklace since it had her mother’s name written on the back as well as a lone finger print on the spinning machine. On one of the taller piles of gold, a note was found saying “Revenge”. The print was analyzed and immediately it was found that the print belong to Rumpelstiltskin, who was an outlaw in the castle and known for turning the queen into gold a few years earlier. He was placed on the top of the suspect list because all the straw was turned into gold.. Not only that, but the miller was no where to be found and was added to the list of suspects. The king went missing later that day. A few days later, while walking in the woods, someone saw pieces of a torn dress leading to a house. Outside the house were the decapitated heads of the miller and the king in a tree. The millers daughter was also seen in the woods yelling at the heads. The police were automatically notified and the millers daughter was arrested. Rumpelstiltskin was a witness to the crime and testified against the miller's daughter since he was the only

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OutcomeThe millers daughter was guilty of the crime andcharged with theft, kidnapping, and first degree murder. She was sentanced to life in prison. Rumpelstiltskin became the new king of the land.Everyone Else Lived Happily Ever After

EvidenceIndividual- Fingerprint- NecklaceClass- Pieces of a dress-Straw

The Investigation-The crime scene unit collected the evidence in the room with the gold.-Forensic Print Analysis was done to prove the finger print belonged to Rumpelstiltskin



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