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Rumble Fish

Rumble FishS.E.HintonBy: Kyle Jenkinson

Rusty James is the leader of a small gang in a town that is in the industrial business . He lives in the shadow of the memory of his absent, older brother (The Motorcycle Boy). His mother has vanished, his father is a drunk, school isn't a major priority and his relationships are meaning less. He is pressured into one more gang fight and the events after the fight will change rustys life forever.



"Death in Life". Nearly all of the characters are living hopelessly dead end lives, and the finale of the story offers little hope for them. The two brothers feel no real love, and The Motorcycle Boy is already color-blind and partly deaf. He will die tragically at the end of the story. Rusty-James is one of the least intelligent of all of Hinton's characters, and he admits to stumbling through life in a "fog." Even the river is stinking and "stagnant," one that will not even provide life for the Siamese fighting fish that The Motorcycle Boy dies trying to release.


Motorcycle Boy Rusty jamesBiff WilcoxSteve HaysB. J. Jackson Smokey BennetCoach Ryan PattyCassandra

In Rumble Fish, the setting takes place in California in a flashback. It is told by Rusty James. Most of the action takes place in Benny's, which is a pool hall.

I would recommend the book Rumble Fish ,to mainly teenage boys. If you have read any of Hintion's other books such as outsiders, you may find this book particlarly interesting for as the action in Rumble Fish is quite similar to Outsiders.



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