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Rules by: Cynthia Lord

Taylor Frey 4th hour

Genre: realistic fiction

Awards: schneider family award, Newbery Honor Book

Conflict: The conflict of the book Rules is that Catherine's brother has autism. She and her family have to learn to deal with her brothers autism.

characters: Catherine,David,Jason, Kristi,Melissa,Ryan,Mom,Dad,and Mrs.Bowman

Settings: doctors office,Elliot's Antiques, Catherine's house,Mrs.Bowmans house, Otis hardware store

Theme: The theme of the book is people with special need's aren't bad people. That you shouldn't judge people if they are different from you. You should treat everyone the same even if they are different then you!

Book Review: I would rate Rules 4.5 stars! I think that anyone who wants to read a good book should read the book "Rules" !

The author's name is Cynthia Lord. She started to write songs when she was four. She then started writing books that she shared with her family. She would read her books to her family to see if they were any good! She grew up on a lake in New Hampshire. When she was 6 years old she wrote her first book. Since then kept writing and continued to write many more. books.



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