[2015] Sarah Campagnoni: Rudolf Diesel

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[2015] Sarah Campagnoni: Rudolf Diesel

1879- First 25-horsepower 4-stroke one-cylinder compression engine 1893- Rudolf Diesel was able to power the very first diesel engine on the tenth of August1898- The 25-horsepower 4-stroke one-cylinder compression engine became wellknown after

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the Diesel engine

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“It is the diesel’s higher compression ratio that leads to its greater fuel efficiency. Because the air is compressed, the combustion temperature is higher, and the gases will expand more after combustion, applying more pressure to the piston and crankshaft.”



In September 29, 1913, Diesel went aboard the steamer Dresden to cross the English Channel. On his way to London to be in the Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing meeting, he vanished. He went to his cabin around 10 PM. During the roll call the next morning, his cabin was empty and had never been seen alive since then.

Diesel was born on March 18, 1858 in Paris, France. He was the son of Theodor Diesel who was a leather worker, and Elise Strobel. His parents were Bavarian Germans who hailed from Augsburg.


A French physicist named Nicholas Carnot was the brains behind the principles of today’s modern combustion engine. He inspired Diesel and Diesel began working on a more efficient engine.


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