Ruby Holler by: Sharon Creech (created by: natalie n.)

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Ruby Holler by: Sharon Creech (created by: natalie n.)

Ruby Holler

By: Sharon Creech

Created by: Natalie Nguyen (9/24/10)

The story takes place in the small town of Boxton where Ruby Holler lies. Ruby Holler is a beautiful piece of land that is forrested with thousands of trees.The old couple, Tiller and Sairy, have a humble one story house surrounded by a variety of fantasic wild flowers and towering trees. This is important to the story because it's beauty adds to the magical feeling that it gives off which is what keeps Dallas and Florida from leaving as quickly as they wanted to in the begining.

Dallas and Florida are twin siblings who cause a whole bunch of trouble and have lived in the Boxton Creek Home their whole lives. Dallas is a day-dreaming, hopeful, and optimistic boy who believes in there being a better tomorrow. Florida, his twin sister, is a live-in-the-moment kind of a girl who is quite the trouble maker. They want to get out of that horrible orphanage and catch a night train to a place they imagine to be beautiful and a heck of alot better than where they are now. Then an old couple need two youngsters to accompany them on their trips and pick up Dallas and Florida. Planning on running away while with the old folks, they agree to go. During their stay, they find that they actually like it. They encounter a lot of conflict with the Trepids (orphanage keepers) and some with a mysterious man named Z and even nature. When Tiller gets injured by a storm, will help come fast enough?

They're called the "trouble twins" for a reason. Florida and Dallas are two 13 year old orphans who have been confined to living in The Boxton Creek Home for Children for the whole rest of their lonely lives. When an eccentric old couple need two youngsters to accompany them on their trips to Kangadoon and Rutabago River, they take a trip down to the orphanage and have Dallas and Florida tag along. The two twins want no part in another "family" or even a temporary one but agree to go anyways, with the plan in mind to catch a night train to someplace they hope is bigger and better than the horrible lives they live now. Not long after living in Ruby Holler with those "insane old folks", the two begin to like it where they are. But when a certain robbery happens, the two twin's lives change for the good...or the bad.

Ruby Holler is a wonderful book and has been my favorite for about 5 years now. I love how the book really gets you attached to the characters and makes you want nothing more than for just Dallas and Florida to be happy. I definately advise this book!!!


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