Ruby Bridges

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African-American History

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Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954 in Tylertown ,Mississippi. Her grandparents were sharecroppers for a vegetable and dairy farm. Her parents names were Lucille and Abon Bridges. Every summer she helped her grandparents out with the farm. A few years later in 1958 she was moving to the seaport city of New Orleans. Two years later she started first grade in 1960. She went to school at William Frantz in first grade. She had past a test to go to the all white school. Only six black people made it through the test. But one of the people's parents chose not to let her go to the school. At that school her first white teacher was Mrs.Henry. However the family suffered, Abon Ruby's father lost his job her grandparents lost their sharecropping land. Even the grocery store band them from coming in to there store. But than things started getting better people started coming back to school slowly. Years later she had graduated grade school. And went to Francis T. Nicholls High School . After that she studied travel and tourism at Kansas city bisinessShe worked for American Express as a world travel agent. She soon married Malcolm Hall. Many years later become a mother of four sons.


1954-Birthday1958 -The Move1960 - First Grade1960 - Hard Times60's-70's-college1970- New Job1980-married1990-Family

Was the first black child to walk into Frantz Elementary for Whites.

Lasting Impact

She inspired people to intergrate and that segregation was wrong.


. My Eyes by:Ruby Bridges

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