Ruby Bridges

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Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges describes her school experience in her own words.

Ruby Bridges

Who is Ruby?Ruby was born in Mississippi in 1954, In the Spring of 1960. She was asked to take a test to see who would, go to the first integrated school. Ruby passed the test and was selected to be one of the first black childen to go to and integrated school. On November 14, 1960 14 federal marshals drove 6 year old Ruby and her mother to William Frantz School in New Orleans. In the midst of angry mobs, Ruby was escorted into the school where she spent her entire first day in the front office. The next day she got to meet her teacher Barbra Henry. She was a kind white woman who helped Ruby get though school that year. There were no other students in Ruby's class. It was just her and Mrs. Henry. Mrs. Henry explained to Ruby that the angry people were only upset because they were not used to change. Ruby was the beginning of equal schooling for all students. Her brave and positive attitude influenced many to make the most of change and be brave in the midst of criticism.

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History of Ruby Bridges

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Quick WriteWhat can you learn from Ruby Bridges?

schools can be a place to bring people together-Ruby Bridges

"Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and start a trail."-Ruby Bridges

Brown Vs. The Board of EducationSeperate but equal was declaired unconstitutional. That lead to the decision that both white and black people would be integrated into public schools.

The Brown Vs. The Board of Education changed the paths of many people. Learn more about it at


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