Ruby Beach Tidepools

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Ruby Beach Tidepools

Tide pools are parts of land formations made out of rocks were they are filled with salt water. Tide pools get coverd by the ocean twice a day. They are usaly shallow puddels filled with varities of sea creacures such as, sea enenomies, small fish, and crabs. They also have plants such as sea moss, sea letuuce, and rock weed.

Ruby Beach is in Washington state of the U.S. Inside Washington it is located just westward of the 101 highway.


Characteristicsof Tide pools

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Energy flow

Ruby BeachWashingtonTide pools

list 0f Animals 1. Sea annome 2. Sea urchin 3. Small fish 4. Star fish 5. Sand dollar 6. Crabs 7. Gooie duck 8. Clams

1. Sea moss2. sea luttec list of Plants 3. Rock weed

Harms to Tide PoolsSome things that are harmful to tide poolsare climate change.Another thing is when humans colect animals which are not supposed to be tooken. These factors damage tide pools.

Tide pool animals have to to life on dry and wet land, and underwater. For example sea anemones Adapted to tide pools by camouflaging as a harmless flower. But in reality they are predator.


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