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Roy Lichtenstein

"Crying Girl" and "Whaam" were some of his most famous pieces.

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Roy also experimented in Realism, another art movement popular around his time.

Mastered Ben-Day dots in his paintings! Using tiny dotting instead of brush stroked to make beautiful pieces.

Roy Lichtenstein

He studied art at Ohio State University and also did some sculpting along with his paintings. Along with Andy Warhol he was one of the leading artists in the Pop Art movement.

Romance, comics, American history, the Wild West and everyday consumer products influenced my artists paintings

He described Pop art as " the use of commercial art as a subject matter in painting". His work is still produced on t-shirts, posters, and other pop culture products. He sold his pieces for millions during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Most famous for imitating comic art in his paintings. The bright colors of pop art and his unique work brought some fun into a hard time for America, the Vietnam War.


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