Rouen: French Historical City & Joan of Arc

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Rouen: French Historical City & Joan of Arc

Rouen: French Historical City & Joan of Arc

Above: Inside the clock tower

Monument (above) and cross (below)

Place de Vieux Marche

- Jeanne D'Arc was born in 1412 and died in 1431 at the age of 19 - The English had occupied Orleans while France was under the rule of King Charles VII, who was living in Chinon - Jeanne D'Arc lead the French in the Hundred Years War against the English, leading about 500 000 men, and believing her purpose in life to serve her country and direct the King - Believing her to be divinly inspired, the King allowed her to lead the army - Speaking of her religious visions, Jeanne inspired the soldiers and they gained courage and motivation- After leading the victory at Orleans, Jeanne became known as the Maid of Orleans and also lead a battle at Rheims- However, she was later captured by the Duke of Burgundy, who delivered her to the English for cash- After being imprisoned for one year, she was charged with sorcery, found guilty and burned at the stake.

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