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What is the common name of Rotavirus, the symptoms, and type of Pathogen?The common name of Rotavirus is "wheel", which comes from a latin rota. Scientist calls Rotavirus "Wheel"because the rotavirus has a wheel-like appearance when viewed by an electron microscope.The scientific word for Rotavirus is Rotavirus Gastrobenteritis. Rotavirus is common virus that younger children get. The most common symptoms is a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 3 to 8 days, abodominal pain, and loss of body fluids.

What is Rotavirus?Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children. It is a genus of double-stranded RNA virus in the family Reoviridae.

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How can you prevent getting Rotavirus?A good way to prevent getting Rotavirus is by drinking a lots of fluids everyday to maintain your body's fluids. Another way to prevent Rotavirus is by taking the vacine which is RotaTeq vaccine that is given a liquid taking it by the mouth.

What dieases is related to Rotavirus , but what are the treatments for Rotavirus?Present: Children are treated by replacing lost body fluids through drinking products that contain water with sugar and minerals. Past: In some cases, Children's body fluids are replaced with fluids given directly through the veins using an intravenous line that occurs during the hospital. The only common diseases that relates to Rotavirus is a 24 Hours Stomach Virus.

What does the modus operandi that Rotavirus affect?The rotavirus enters the body through the mouth and then infects the lining of the intestines. Rotavirus is very contagious, spreading easily from children who are already infected to other children and sometimes adults.

Who does this virus impacted and how many people gets affected from Rotavirus?In the United States rotavirus is responsible for more than 400,000 doctor visits, more than 200,000 emergency room visits, 55,000-70,000 hospitalizations, and 20-60 deaths due to Rotavirus. Rotavirus usually impacts children by any age. This can even occur when the child is barely 2 months. In the United States, rotavirus causes illness in 2.7 million children every year.


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