Rot and Ruin

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Rot and Ruin

AuthorJohnathon Maberry

Title:Rot and Ruin

Main CharactersTom Imura- good bounty hunterBenny Imura- Tom's little brother amateur bounty hunterNix Riley- Benny's girlfriend and Tom's girlfriends daughterMorgie Mitchell- Benny and Nix's friend who has a crush on NixJessie Riley- Tom's girlfriend and Nix's mom

SummaryThis book starts off when Benny Imura hates his brother Tom because he thinks Tom left his parents for dead to the zombies. Tom asks Benny why he hates him and Tom explains that he ran away to save Benny and that his parents were already infected. After that they return home and Benny finds a zombie card with the Lost Girl on it and is determined to find her. Nix's mother is murdered by Charlie Pink Eye and Nix is kidnapped. Tom and Benny know they are going to take her to Gameland a place where kids are forced to fight zombies, and people place bets on who will win. Nix and Benny escape and hide in a tower when Charlie's men find them. They are stabbed by the Lost Girl. After that they kill Charlie and his men and escape with Tom and head back to Mountainside.

SettingThe setting is in a town called mountian side after the zombie apocolypse has wiped out most of the humans on Earth.

ConflictThey have to survive against the living dead.Person vs Person vs Monster

ThemePay attention to other people because they be more horriying monsters than the zombies.

ResolutionTom gives them swords to defend themselves.


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