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Rot and Ruin

Rot And Ruin

ReviewAuthor The author of Rot and Ruin is Jonathan Maberry. One of his earlier books Patient Zero has plenty of things in common with Rot and Ruin. In these books the main character fights against the living dead. Although Joe Ledger (the main character in Patient Zero) kills a terrorist but the terrorist didn’t stay dead……..NarrationRot and Ruin isn’t narrated by a character so therefore it’s in the third person. Although it was mainly focused on Benny’s thoughts and feelings that helps with the story line so the story didn’t reveal anything it wasn’t supposed to and, since it only gives Benny’s thoughts it would be third person limited.GenreThe genre for this book is Fiction, but it has zombies so that puts it in the Sci-Fi category. ThemeThe Theme of Rot and Ruin is an outlook on how risky life can be. Also how precious your life is not just to you but to everyone around you.SettingThe time period for Rot and Ruin is present day, the story was affected by this because the characters didn’t have advanced weaponry or tools to defend themselves, although they did have modern technology.PlotBenny couldn’t find the right job so he took to the family business, then things went crazy for him.EvaluationI loved this book. It caused my emotions to run wild and to realize how precious life actually is, but you can’t be afraid of it so take a risk and go have fun. I would definitely read more from Jonathan Maberry; I love his style and what he writes about. I encourage anyone from young adult and up to read this book and the rest of the series, it’s amazing so far……

Jonathan Maberry

This book is full of heart.....They just don't beat anymore.

"Only a psychopath would like to do what I do"Tom Imura


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